So, how’s the weather in LA by the end of September?

Just asking for a friend that has been invited as a panelist at the 141st AES convention.

Will be sitting there with the likes of Gustavo Borner, Martha DeFrancisco, Tweety González, Cesar Lamschteim and Guido Nisenson Sr. The task of keeping us at bay will be handled by Andrés Mayo.

See you guys there. The first one to buy me a beer will have bragging rights of being the first one to do so.

And then someone decided to make an interview…

It’s mostly gibberish, but you probably know that already if you have ever spoken to me. And it’s in spanish!

The Friend face page of the interview

Of course, you can go straight to the radio station page…

Ot even straight to the tunein stream.

Here’s some radio!

Here’s the caveat: you can only listen to it this saturday 2 and sunday 3 from 3-5 pm EST. the elders of the internet wouldn’t have it any other way.